Please be specific as possible. Take your time and call up as many memories as you can as to when the idea of race was presented to you, by whom and what was the context? Try, if you can, to remember what you felt and what you thought about it. Was the data congruent? Did you question anything about what was presented to you? Did you fully understand what was being said to you? Did you check to find out if it was true? How and where did you check?

Please, this can be very informative about how we got to where we are. Remember, to construct something that works and makes sense you first have to deconstruct that that doesn't add up.

Peace and Power,

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Brother AL---I think that u are flying thru high school but please remember (when) that I told you that U had for some reason acquired a HEAD start and that because of that you would have to be careful in your journey---I am happy to realize (HE HEARD). When you get there at your higher ground and graduation you will probably sit down with Helena and Annie and KM and the Olcott. (AMONG OTHERS).


And peace to U Brother Rayford!!!!


Race was not regarded, by me, as a construct until I was grown. The "understanding" I walked around with was that race had do with a person's complexion and that complexion had everything to do with who had and who had not. "Black" folks were history's bad luck accidents. Perpetual victims. And "white" folks were responsible for all of the imbalances and injustices. Period. Race as illusion came late for me. Its impact was seismic and disruptive. All this time? I have been "black and proud" all this time?! Clamoring for a thing called Africa. Needing to feel connected to her. Needing to find where I could stand powerfully in these conversations with history and that meant leaning into the "movements" and ideologies that told me we were black and beautiful. Fuck. Whodathunkit...I have taken bullshit and been convinced of my own inferiority and in an effort to reject that I bought into MORE bullshit. It is an onerous inconvenience to realize how far away from truth I actually was. I knew I was black before I had language to give it. And I think I resented it initially. Felt put upon by genealogy and history. Unpacking all of that has been deep...and I aint done...

Namaska DC.

upon reading this I then had to get up and get a coat to cover my body to protect myself from the cold chill that manifested.  THANK YOU DEAR ONE AND JUST MAYBE BEFORE I GO (HEH HEH AND IT AIN'T FUNNY)......(B).

This thread may help those that/who are serious about building their time machine.



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