Why are they not mentioned when talking about Black History?

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Agreed! He wrote the following in his book and what he wrote can still apply:

"I am not white. There is nothing within my mind and heart which tempts me to think I am. Yet I realize acutely that the only characteristic which matters to either the white or the colored race-the appearance of whiteness-is mine. There is magic in a white skin; there is tragedy, loneliness, exile, in a black skin. Why then do I insist that I am a Negro, when nothing compels me to do so but myself."

I guess he would be considered a male counterpart of Rachel Dolezal today had he spoken those words.

All I could do was shake my head and chuckle to myself recalling the times I have heard people debating about the NAACP being created by so called white people.

Walter White emphasized in his autobiography, "A Man Called White" (p. 3): "I am a Negro. My skin is white, my eyes are blue, my hair is blond. The traits of my race are nowhere visible upon me."

This was a brilliant effort on the part of Mr. Hoffman!


I am doing everything that I can think of to make sure that this page comes up---there seems to be a problem that we are not responsible for creating.


It is important for our young people who/that study at the BE institute learn about these people!


Abbie Hoffman's "Steal this Book" is such a great collection of free ways to survive while making a difference; most of the methods have been systematically eliminated from working in our contemporary world.

Certainly a new collection relevant to the world we now have is needed.

Namaska Adam, this is where we put your ability to invent (something new), your creativity will allow you to duplicate what Bro. Abbey and Bro. Rubin were able to do...!


I would suggest that the question being posed on this thread could be asked of these 3 so-called "white" individuals as well:

1) John Brown
2) Lysander Spooner
3) R. Buckminster Fuller


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