The Economical Education of The Worker "What do you want to be, when you grow up?"

The Economical Education of The Worker "What do you want to be, when you grow up?"
A definition from Wikipedia reads, "Economics is the social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services." An etymological search lead back to the meaning stating a "science of wealth." The owner estimates the supply and demand of their product. The goal of course being to produce and profit. Every business  doesn't need to hire manual labor, some owners do their own labor. But if you designed a product that has high demand, workers will be needed. The earned income of a worker is based on the owners approximations. Which means the worker can only earn as much as the owner figures that they can afford to pay and still profit. 
Education has much to do about the state of economics. One of my favorite questions to answer as a child was "What do you want to be, when you grow up?" By the answers given, the question would be better phrased, "What kind of job do you want to work, when you become my age?" Common answers given were fire fighter, police officer, entertainer, athlete, doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc. Answers from children are based on examples that have been introduced to them. So if they never had an example of a so-called black president, they won't aspire to be that. I liked the question because it was suggesting that i can be whatever i want to be and this is the time to work on being that. After a child answered "doctor" or "lawyer", never once did i hear a teacher take that opportunity to broaden the horizon of that child and suggest possibly owning a doctor's office or law firm.  As i look back with an analytical and critical mind, i see the limitations i had and was encouraged to have. Instead of only instilling a workers mentality, one may also instill an owner's mentality. 
CNN aired a program entitled "Education in America  Don't Fail Me" where former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen admitted to dumbing down test in order to make test scores higher and lying to parents and children about student proficiency. Bredesen stated that in one case the state lied about the percentage of 8th grade mathematics being at 84 percent when the real number was 22 percent. This act lead to the state gaining more federal funds and the mis-education of Tennessee students. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan confirmed the same for at least more than half of the states in the United StatesPhil Bredesen goes on to reveal that the federal laws made it possible to manipulate the numbers, by allowing the state to create their own standardize test. You can find that CNN special on youtube.
What's a business without a good product? The meaning of produce or product is "to bring forth." I was brought forth and if you're reading this, you were too. Who are you a product of and what are you producing? Are you a worker producing workers or are you an owner producing owners? Growing up there was mindset projected to me over and over, that was "go to school, make good grades, so that you can go to college and get a good job." Television had much to do with that mindset and i will go in depth about that programming on a later date. That mindset needs to be evaluated and evolved. Parents should take the position of the owner and analyze how to put their child in a position to produce and profit. I estimate that the worker would rise to the position of the owner, if grand work was instilled into their productions.  Why trust the mind of our future, the organic fruit that you produce, with any, every - one or thing. Imagine if more children were encouraged to think beyond a job. Imagine if more parents focused on their child's interest and helped them gain the tools needed to succeed in this economy. Other than settling for a job, jobs would be created. Other than working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 40 years of their life, for someone else; they may be able to approximate more time in their schedule to be. And "to be", is my answer to the question.   
What are you doing, now that you are grown up
Brandon Imhotep 

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A friend of mine asked me to write an article about economics for his political website. So i created this document and i wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of Al Lewis and Clifford Black. Namaska!


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