The Three-Skilling Yellow of Sweden was sold for $2,300,000 in 1996.[7]

David Feldman sold this Blue Mauritius stamp for $1,148,850 in 1993.[citation needed]

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It appears that there is very little interest in 'how to make money'!!!!!!!!!


@Dr. Black I collected sports cards as a youth and i have a pretty good collection. I remembering working security at a Coin and Paper show and I was observing the people. I saw all of this old valuable money and the people that owned it wore clothes & shoes that you could buy at Wal-mart. I didn't see one Lexus or Cadillac on the parking lot, yet they had cases & cases of old paper and metals. I didn't know banks printed their own money until that show. The money would state something like.. Printed at the Bank of Franklin in Franklin, Tn. Dr. B I was trying to soak it all up, because most people relative to me collected aluminium cans to take to the recycle yard.
Dr. Black did you ever post something relative to buying stocks as well? I am interested in knowing if this is a venture worth journeying. I do remember you said a little about it in class a few weeks ago

@Brandon & Nick---once we have put our support pillars into place we are going to deal with learning about finance---the stock market and other endeavors.


I began a stamp collection about 10 years ago of US stamps honoring Americans of African ascent. This is not for me, but for those who come after me. The stamps are pristine and some were a number of years old when I purchased them. I am ALWAYS seeking ways to build wealth for myself and those who follow. Peace, God!

. that one of the world's great philatelic rarities, the 1 peso "In Ps" tête-bêche pair (pictured), is the only known copy of the State of Buenos Aires 1859 Barquitos postage stamp error?

It is time that we look at some serious collecting and at least know how to teach the young people how to do this.


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