Last night in critical thinking class, we talked about computer programs and how we as humans have programs.  I found this discussion very interesting and it got me to thinking. 

Computer programs are a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do.  When programs are added, the operating writes the instructions to the hard drive.  If identical instructions are recognized from another program, the operating system will link them together as one.  Which means two or more programs could share the same set of instructions whether it is one line or twenty lines.  This is an attempt to save storage space.

Here's where it gets difficult.  When you decide you don't want that program anymore, you run into a problem.  The operating system will alert you, "Deleting this program will cause malfunction of other programs. Do you still want to delete?"  So not knowing what the damage would be, you stop the deleting process and just deal with an unwanted program. 

I, like the computer, have programs.  Some good, some bad. Such programs are, "Go to school get a degree, go to church, have your babies young, move out of the city, beat your kids, stay black, accept racism, etc.  I want to to delete a couple, but if I delete one, it will cause a malfunction in another. I might affect a good program. If that's not bad enough, I have a virus protection program that protects my computer from infection. And yes, I have a virus protection program for my mind.  It's called deception.  It's plan is to discard any truth from infecting the programs.

I need to re-format my hard drive and start over no matter what I loose. 

Share your thoughts about programs and do you have a virus protection program to protect your installed programs.  If you delete one program will it affect the operation of another. 

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Incognito the book.


Now that U are aware of this, that is happening, you can begin the process of figuring it out (get-understanding). In order to accomplish this objective you must work towards expanding your 'RANGE' of awareness (consciousness)---this in itself is a step by step process and it takes time. It starts with the first step.



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