If white people stopped being white, would there still be black people?

Why? In other words if white people somehow redefined their designation as neutral what would black people do? This was a question that presented on blog talk radio by Mr. Black. I have been thinking about it and I am wondering what other people think about this question and it does require some thought. Please post your responses.

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If so called white people stopped being white, yes there would still be black people. Some have accepted that is who they could they NOT be that? If they are ill equipped with a way to determine self it would be easier to simply remain where they are. Actually dealing with the lie may be a task to difficult for anyone who does not see themselves as powerful.

What I find interesting is that so called "Black" people cling to the word "Black" proudly due to so much rhetoric that has influenced our perception of the word.  When referred to as "Black", people do not flinch or see anything wrong with the title.  Refer to those same people as "Niggers" (Especially if the person saying it is "White") and they are upset and ready to burn a city.  The funny thing is that "Black" and "Nigger" are synonymous.  They are actually synonyms and so called "Black" people have been tricked into thinking otherwise. 

Example:  If I call someone "Un Payaso" and I oppress them under that word...deny them under that word...discriminate against them under that word...make them believe that they are less than human under that word...they will begin to despise that word.  They will despise the word so much that they will demand that I never call them that word again.  So then I agree...I say ok...and I never refer to them as "Un Payaso" ever again.  Instead I give them a new title  "Clown" and because of their ignorance they accept "Clown" as their new proud identity.  Even going as far as to say "I'll accept 'Clown' just don't call me 'Un Payaso' any longer...because I hate that word."  Well the problem is "Clown" and "Un Payaso" are the same word.  One is in Spanish and one is in English.  But ignorance leads to the belief that you have a new title.

Tracing the etymology of the word "Nigger" you get the Latin- niger/ nigr (meaning black), from there comes the Portuguese version-negro (mid 16th century), French- negre, English- neger to negro and ultimately nigger (late 17th century).

People that I am kin to traded "Un Payaso" for "Clown" and thought that they were doing something.  All the while they were being called the same thing just in a different way.  This idea is so deeply coded into the program that when one tries to declare that they are not "Black" or a "Nigger" or a "Nigga" or any other variation of the word black they are attacked and labeled a sellout.   


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