For those who choose to do the work---the first thing that we are going to do is to teach ourselves about the word etymology. In order to do this in a correct manner, there are some minor things that must be accomplished. 1st  thing for us to do---get over knowing without knowing---whatever you have been taught in school is not what we are doing-get over believing what your saviors have told you, because, it is not what we are doing. The process that you will learn is an aspect of learning how to learn and you are going to learn how to teach yourself.  YOU are going to learn how to fish for yourself so that you will not have to trust another to know for YOU.  This is the only way that you will come to have the power to feed yourself. 


Please go to your dictionary and look up the word etymology.  Please make yourself familiar with this word.  Start by reading the definition.  From here, go to the dictionary guide or how to use the dictionary and read what it tells you about the science that is known as “Etymology”.  As we precede, we will at a later time enter into dialog about definitions and meanings, this will be important but we will have to wait. Look up the words etymon and also logy. 

Please post comments about what you find and this will allow us to move forward.


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Namaska Tereka, If you can come to class, I will at that time show you, and if you can not attend a class, then I will do my best to guide you in such a way as to provide the essential elements for you to develop the insight that is needed.


Thank you!!  If there is a class this weekend, I plan on being there while I'm in town!  My dictionary isn't anything other than a Webster's new dictionary.  But I started out using a link from this site to amazon to order it.  I'll strap it on the plane from Atl to bring it along for the ride.  That way I'll know for sure if I need to get another one that's more useful.  Thank you so much!

Read the Friends School in Detroit, teaches etymology starting in the third grade.  Sadly, I only learned of this process a few years ago.   

Better late than never!!!


Indeed.  I am now looking into Orthography, Syntax and Prosody which combined with Etymology; which I have read are the four parts of Grammar.  

Here we are, one more time!



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