"BELIEFS are the POLICE of the MIND" Saul Williams

While I am not necessarily a fan of poetry I find the above statement resonates with my reality, both my detestation of the police and belief. They both regulate behavior and thought and are obstacles to creativity, knowledge, understanding and freedom.

They are both agents for those that hate freedom and understanding and there is a price to play if you challenge any one of them. Isolation and in some cases and in some places imprisonment and death. The sad pathetic thing is we keep them both alive.

"Why believe when you can know"? Clifford Black

The brain so is terrified of not knowing it makes up things when it does not know or understand something. It then names and validates that lie with fancy labels like faith, fate, hypothesis, theory, opinions, and judgment to name a few.

"Whenever one invokes belief they are axiomatically admitting they do not know." Clifford Black

Don't rush through this. Chew on it a minute. Think it through. The brain may be experiencing a bit of fear right now because for so long many of us have confused the two. In so many mediums they have been used and articulated interchangeably I can understand why we'd actually think they were one and the same. Unfortunately they are not. Fortunately you can come to know.

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