A few days ago I addressed a post of an attorney friend of mine posted on his Face Book page about some of the errancies of the bible. Nothing really controversial just some obvious things like who could have witnessed and chronicled the conversation Jesus allegedly had with God in the garden when all other Discipals were asleep? I also mentioned that there was no evidence that any what was allegedly reported about the the actions of the character Jesus were true.

One our local wealthy power brokers, whose is a politician, owns a few radio stations and is a ophthalmologist decided that I seemed like a soft target and decided,I guess, to act upon his supposition. Below is the short discussion that followed. I don't think he is used to getting faded in this manner.

George Flinn - Al, I am not trying to change your mind or your position but you said something inaccurate, when you said, "No one knows if any of it is true, etc...." The Bible has been under attack since the moment it (or its parts) were written. As you said earlier, the first written record of Jesus' teaching was within 70 years of His life. Well within the lifetimes of witnesses. If I recall correctly, one of the writers even mentioned it: (paraphrase) 'He appeared to thousands! There are still living witnesses, ask them!' If it could have been discredited, it would have been by now. The versions that did contain errors were exposed and discarded by the wayside.

Al Lewis - George, any serious thinker knows you never argue belief. Just as it cannot be disproven neither can it be proven. I wasn't talking about if the character or characters named Yeshua, Esa, Asa or other of the common names of the several so called anointed ones or, Christos, existed. They probably did as all myths have some semblance of reality to them. And I still hold firm that NO One knows if any of it is true. That's why they are called believers. If you believe you are axiomatically saying you do not know. If it is true it must be able to be trued, it must be upright and perpendicular like an oak. Firm, touchable and provable, and most of all logical. In fact your healthy book says in the beginning was logic. Time nor space allows for me to point out errancies of the various versions of the Helios Byblos or Healthy Book. Your argument however is preposterous and completely illogical. But that's not why I'm here. Have a real nice and blessed day now.

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