Check out this web site and share what you think about what you read. See if you can "true" up any of what the author projects.

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Namaska Ms. Lewis

I am wondering why there have been so few people to read this post that you have offered. Maybe it is because they want to feel as if those Negros who are writng that kind of junk don't know what they are talking about.  Maybe it is because most folks are too lazy to try to do something, anything, Spit-do something. Cat, sometimes I feel like giving up but because of people like yourself who seem to still care I am hanging in until the last breath is drawn. I am suggesting that even if u disagree with what the writers of this blog are saying, it still must be read in order to acquire data.  Thank You Cat Lewis for trying and do not give up because there is someone out there that needs your attention.......


'With the R-word used to describe so many different things, it no longer has a clear and agreed-upon meaning. Attorney General Eric Holder has urged Americans to talk bravely and openly about race, but how can we when we aren't speaking the same language?"

How many are speaking a language they do not understand or know what it is they are saying.  The author appears to be making valid points and backing the statements and studies up with "qualifying information," but I'm suggesting all he is pointing out are symptoms of a problem.  Would the symptoms go away if the problem of the thing identified as race were to go away or was explained and identified for the true meaning? 


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