America Has Changed From Democracy to Plutocracy

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Comment by Clifford Black on August 23, 2016 at 9:13am

Namaska Mr. White, according to your effort, you may wind up directing the class this week.


Comment by Adam White on August 23, 2016 at 12:30am

The video that Dr. Black linked made me recall:

(I would like to go all the way to socialism, differing from the gray area in which my linked video places socialism.)

Comment by Adam White on August 23, 2016 at 12:02am

From my life's testimony on my understanding of macroeconomics, essentially, moneyed powers are playing risky games to keep making more money on systems that are left over from the dark-ages, which oppress the rest of us in varying degrees from misguided ignorance, to outright damnation and death.

In my understanding of microeconomics, essentially, some people take turns throwing dinner parties to feel like they are doing well, while others cannot find education, experience, or any opportunity when in fact all three are required to live above the line, and I (in recognition of my privilege that I try each day to better understand) know how well I am doing to be broke but treading water. 

And I am certain from statistical evidence long-studied by people other than me, that the hands on the macro-economic wheels are making sure each above listed group of people are forced into division.

So to study this, the question I find myself asking is:

"So what word would I use to describe a study of what happens between micro and macro, that part that suddenly seems the most important?"

And that word, friends, (after searching for it just now) is mesoeconomics. Considered a neologism. Woh goes my brain.

P.S. - Consider an etymological study on the word 'Testament.' The key on my keyboard that is a tilted T and also means mark the spot is broken. So I had to get creative with my first sentence. After searching my head for synonyms for experience, due to said broken key, I landed on the word testament - and thought, "Ya know, I should look up Testament."  This messaging system also allows spell-check so I can work around the problem that way too, I just realized (same for broken z key).  

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