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Dr.Black where do I start looking for information on Frederick Douglass and Christmas? I typed it in google,but information is coming from everywhere. I need a solid starting point.

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The Thinker…

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excerpt from Sixteen Crucified Saviours

INVERSELY to the remoteness of time has been man's ascent toward the temple of knowledge. Truth has made its ingress into the human mind in the ratio by which man has attained the capacity to receive and appreciate it. Hence, as we tread back the meandering pathway of human history, every step in the receding process brings us to a lower plane of intelligence and a state of mind more thoroughly encrusted with ignorance and superstition. It is, therefore, no source of surprise to learn, when…


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The day I stopped.....

BELIEVING!!  Oh my god has he lost his mind??!! I know many close to me were and are still thinking this but I haven't. I know that I have not lost my mind, I have just found a way to use it and try to understand it.  Believe it or not, it is not a sin or the work of some devil to THINK.  I have always had questions regarding religion and I now find it empowering to think things through instead of believing that I am not in control of whats going, which works best for ME.  My way may not be…


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The Ghetto

The 1935 First Edition Columbia Encyclopedia reads, Ghettos originally were sections of a city where the Jews were compelled by the Christians to reside, but now more loosely used to indicate any quarter of a town inhabited chiefly by Jews. The first historically authentic ghetto was established in Rome by Pope Paul IV, in 1555. The medieval ghettos, which usually consisted of a few narrow, dirty, and overcrowded streets with space limitations. Within the ghettos the Jews developed a certain…


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Total Recall

This morning on my 2 hour commute, not rare when it rains in this area, I had alot going on in my head.  I used the time this morning to attempt to come to an understand of a few things.  Strangely enough, I just so happen to recall something that I had forgotten about.  When I was younger, there was a time that I wanted to study psychology, not sure what happened or what caused me to not pursue it or even what caused me to forget about it.  I just found that to be interesting and now I…


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Why should ít be an EITHER an OR when it comes to tennis and basketball? Why can't it be tennis AND basketball!!!

Please watch the video and read the article with the link below featured on Memphis' own WMCTV.…


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