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On this thread we will be collecting data about different Countries on the Continent of Africa.

Interesting, "White Papers, are still used today particularly in the government sector.   

Chartered companies were usually formed, incorporated and legitimized under a royal or, in republics, an equivalent government charter. This document set out the terms under which the company could trade; defined its boundaries of influence, and described its rights and responsibilities.

For example, the charter of the British South Africa Company, given by Queen Victoria, allowed the company to:

  • Trade with African rulers such as King Lobengula

Chartered companies in many cases benefited from the trade monopolies (such as the English Royal African Company, which held a monopoly on African slaving from 1672 to 1698).

To carry out their many tasks, which in many cases included functions – such as security and defence – usually reserved for a sovereign state, some companies achieved relative autonomy. A few chartered companies such as the British Honourable East India Company (HEIC) and Dutch Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC) had military and naval forces of their own that dwarfed even the average European state's armed forces, and adequate funds to buy the best men and equipment, in effect making them a state within a state.

More chartered companies were formed during the late nineteenth century's "Scramble for Africa" with the purpose of seizing, colonising and administering the last 'virgin' African territories, but these proved generally less profitable than earlier trading companies. In time, most of their colonies were either lost (often to other European powers) or transformed into crown colonies. 

This is what we must learn, how to pass on. to the little ones so they, do not get stuck like we did.


We have been absent for awhile but now we're back and we will start one more time...

Mozambique has an AK-47 assault rifle on its flag.

This data can not be left out of the education of the young...!



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