Punk rock history has always taught that around the world at the same time in a mysterious way a certain music sound developed based on street corner politics and raw musicianship (read: one did not need instrument talent or much practice to be foundational for the genre).

These cats in Death were doing it far better, much earlier, and with actual practiced talent.  They drove their whole neighborhood in Detroit nuts. Their album, For the Whole World to See, is available on Amazon and directly through the link at the top of this post for $9.99 and it is the best money I have spent on music in my life. Whenever I need a pickup I spin this one. 

The one song that was known of them before recently, "Politician's in my Eyes," is easily found via youtube or other services. The rest of their EP was released after their oldest brother died of cancer, fairly young; he had managed to keep the original tapes they recorded with Columbia records, and had kept that secret from his brothers until at last he said, "I think the world is finally ready."

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Since I didn't post the link at the top in a way that would pick up the HTML code, here is where that link redirects:
I really hope people click that one - and I hope even more that people have already heard of these musicians! What the drummer can do with a single bass pedal is way ahead of his time. The guitarist is clearly influenced by Jimi Hendrix and up to the task. The bassist is also the vocalist. Skills all around.

Their recording session broke down when the oldest brother refused to change the name; it was chosen in honor of taking the power of loss away from the death of their father.  The younger brothers, who were willing to change the name, were not willing to go against their brother - as their father had taught them.  The full documentary is found with some searching for free, but easily with a few more bucks to support the younger two surviving brothers who continue to play the reggae they picked up after Death lost its chance at fame.


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